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No. 2



Baked with heart.

We're so elated to say that we're back — baking buttery shortbread for the second year of Shortgirl Shortbread. Last year, we raised over $2,300 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation in memory of my dad, Jim Saraco. 

The holidays are a special time where we connect with people we love from the heart. Christmas 2016 was my family's first holiday without the man who had biggest heart ever - my dad. To celebrate his memory, we wanted to keep the hearts of others healthy by baking his favourite holiday treat - buttery, homemade shortbread.

When you purchase a dozen of Shortgirl Shortbread, every penny will be donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada in memory of Dr. Gennaro (Jim) Saraco. This year due to unforeseen circumstances we're baking a limited supply or shortbread but are still committed to collecting cash donations for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Together, we can help fund breakthrough research that will help save and improve the hearts of others — one bite of shortbread at a time.

Handmade with all natural ingredients. 


Every batch of Shortgirl Shortbread cookies are freshly baked from scratch and made to order in Toronto. You won't find preservatives or anything you can't pronounce in these cookies. Just lots of love.


"The best damn shortbread cookies I've ever had."

— The baker's boyfriend.

Meet your baker.


I'm a short girl, with a big heart and a passion for baking tasty treats for the people I love. I work 9-5 as a social media strategist in advertising land where I create photo and video content and creative strategies for brands. Outside of work I can be found attempting to still be creative with a camera, at your local yoga studio or experimenting with recipes.  I also like to work on side projects (like this one) with my boyfriend/inspiration Patrick

The holidays can be a warm time for many, and tough time for some. Shortgirl Shortbread wants to make the season just a little bit brighter for others by doing some good and baking some tasty treats along the way.